Which locations does Wine Tours Baja service?


Wine Tours Baja provides daily Baja winery tour referrals to visitors departing from any location in Northern Baja including but not limited to Rosarito, Ensenada, Tijuana, Tecate and Mexicali. 

What is the best way to do a Baja winery tour if our group is coming from the San Diego area?

It is strongly recommend that your group uses the pedestrian lane in San Ysidro to enter into Mexico.  As soon as you enter Tijuana from the pedestrian line your tour provider will be waiting to escort you to your vehicle. The benefit of using the pedestrian lane (especially on weekends) is the amount of time it will take you to return to the United States. It has been report that it never took more than 10-15 minutes to go through customs back into the United States. When crossing the border in a vehicle on the weekends the wait can be 2-3 hours!

Another compelling reason to start your in Tijuana is cost. Tour operators who depart from San Diego charge SIGNIFICANTLY more than our tours that depart from Tijuana. 

What is included in the Valle de Guadalupe PRIVATE wine tour?

  • Round-trip transportation

  • Appetizers and wine

  • Experienced english speaking guides

  • Tastings at 3 wineries

  • 3-5 samples per tasting

  • Lunch Break (Meal cost not included)

  • Downloadable photos and video

For more information on the various tour packages that are available CLICK HERE

How much does the wine tour cost?

Please visit our PACKAGES section for more information on tour package options and pricing.

For immediate assistance  for tours departing from Rosarito, Tijuana or Ensenada please CONTACT US or CALL/TEXT us now. Our phone number in the United States is 619-880-9463FEEL FREE TO TEXT/EMAIL US EARLY IN THE MORNING OR LATE AT NIGHT.

How do I make a reservation for my tour?

It's so easy, safe and secure! Use our CONTACT FORM to notify us of the date, time, departure location and the number of people in your group. Once we receive this information you will be contacted with with instructions to confirm you reservation. PLEASE BE ADVISED WE ARE ONLY ACCEPTING REQUESTS FOR GROUPS OF 6 OR MORE AT THIS TIME. REQUESTS WILL NOT BE ANSWERED FOR SMALLER GROUPS. 


How long is the drive to Valle de Guadalupe?


The drive from Tijuana takes approximately 1 1/2 hours along the coast on the beautiful 1D Highway. The drive from Rosarito or Ensenda is approximately 30-45 minutes. 


How long does the winery tour last?


Wine tours from Rosarito, Tijuana and Ensenada last between 6-8 hours.  If you are opting for a private tour then the schedule is completely customizable.


Can you accept last minute reservations?


Yes! Contact us ASAP and we will try and make something work for you! To secure the best experience and pricing for your tour it is recommended that you reserve your tour as soon as possible. 

Do I need a passport to return into the United States from Mexico?


Yes. You will need a passport to return to the United States from Tijuana. 


What does a typical itinerary look like?




10:00 AM - Depart from Baja location
11:00 AM - Arrive for the first tasting
12:30 PM - Wine tasting at second winery 
  2:00 PM - Lunch stop
  3:30 PM - Visit the final winery of the day
  5:00 PM - Leave the Valley and head home
  5:45 PM - Arrive in Baja location


The Itinerary for the tour is not exact as the group may want to stay a bit longer at a particular a winery. 



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