Valle de Guadalupe Vendimia Wine Harvest Festival

VENDIMIA From the word in latin for wine (vinum) and demere meaning ‘take away’. The vendimia (wine festivals) take place in August-september in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico, during this time of harvest the grapes are picked from the vines and the process to tern them into wine begins. It’s a time to celebrate and… taste WINE!.

The two centuries long wine tradition of the region is the focus of this event. Valle de Guadalupe is one of 4 valleys between Ensenada and Tecate (Valley of Guadalupe,Valley of Santo Tomas, Valley of San Vicente and Valley of Ojos Negros) that are dedicated to the cultivation of grapes. The Valleys produce 90% of all Mexican wines,or around 1.2 million cases of wine a year, of which only 25% is exported abroad. Valle de Guadalupe is located 25 minutes inland from the Ensenada coast, it also has been the host of the biggest event in the region for the past 22 years.

For over 4 weeks (August-September) every year wine aficionados will have the opportunity to attend wine tastings, savor gourmet meals, attend workshops and concerts. This years (2016) activities include a Ha*Ash concert at Viñas de Liceaga, the group is composed of 2 Mexican sisters. Combining a mixture of commercial Latin pop, country rhythms and singer/songwriter style, the Mexican-based duo has become very successful in Mexico, a picnic feast on the terrace of the winery VENA CAVA with the chefs Diego Hernandez and Dante Ferrero, and these are just to name a few.

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